Finally ~
Posted on 09 May 2011
Finally I have Ceria's request done.
All credit to the lines go to Henty1993 Henty1993 @ DeviantArt

I know the Rasengan sucks but meh - can't be helped.
I hope I don't spread any rumors around the net with this fake cover.

As usual thanks a lot for the Guestbook-entries!

Stay tuned!
OMFG Ichigo :3
Posted on 14 Apr 2011

What a awesome chapter -> I had to color Ichiberry from chapter 444 so there he his in all his glory:

Also thanks everyone who leaves me a comment in my guestbook - I can't answer directly so I'll do it here :p
Online at last!
Posted on 10 Apr 2011

Gosh, finally I have my page online ~

Here you'll find all my colorings, wallpaper and other things. You can also request something from me.

The only content that's missing right now are the tutorials.
I'll add them in a few days.

I'll rewrite my scripts to get a better semantic and accessibility for the page (and also a better guestbook) soon... not that anyone of you will feel a change, just saying :p

If you have any problems viewing the site correctly feel free to send me a mail so I can work out a solution.