Who built this website?

This website was completly created + scripted by me, Azley.

Can I use the works you posted here?

You may use them for avatars, signatures, banners & other GFX-stuff but you are not permitted to redistribute my colorings on other sites & claim them as your own.
You want to post them on another site? Feel free to do so - but please leave my copyright untouched.
If you submit it to DeviantArt please credit me in your artists comments.

Can you send me a version without the copyright?

No I won't. The copyright marks it as my work.

Can you send me the .psd to a specific picture?

No, I don't give my psd's away.

What kind of requests do you reject?

I reject:

What format do you want when I send my request?

Best would be either jpg or png but I also don't mind bmp, gif or other popular formats.

Why was my request rejected?

This can have various reasons & I mostly write them in the answer I send.
General reasons:

Can you draw?

To make it short: no. I'm a poor colorist who is dependent on artists to provide me sketches I can color.
I couldn't draw even if my life would depend on it. Strange, huh?

How did you learn how to color?

With the path-tool tutorial from STFUn.org.
The rest is self-taught & experimenting around in Photoshop.

How long did it took you to learn it?

I constantly try to get better so I can't name a time as I constantly learn.
To learn the basics it took me a few days of trying though.

How long does it takes you to complete a pic?

Depends on the picture -> how many characters, how detailed the style is, how much background I have to do and how the quality is.
A normal manga panel takes me ~ 2 - 3 hours from making the inking till completing it.

Will you make a video tutorial?

Many asked me that question: I haven't planned to do video tuts for now.
For now please use my written tutorials you'll find under portfolio.

Where the hell is the home button?!

Simply click on the headder because I don't need no home button :p